Veena Tattva Prakashika

The International Veena Conference that is a platform for soulful performances, artistic expressions, and an exploration of the scientific, profound, and unknown aspects of this remarkable instrument.

The Next Edition of Veena Tattva Prakashika is just around the corner!

“Enriching Highlights of Veena Tattva Prakashika

Whether you are a seasoned veena player or a newcomer to its enchanting sounds, this International Veena Conference will leave an indelible impression, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the musical heritage and legacy of the veena.

Insightful Presentations

Renowned scholars, musicians, and experts present captivating sessions on various aspects of the Veena, including its history, technical aspects, and cultural significance. Gain deep insights into the instrument’s evolution and its place in the world of music.

Soulful Performances

Prepare to be mesmerized as the veena’s melodic notes fill the air, transporting you to a world of sublime musical expression. At Veena Tattva Prakashika, you will be treated to awe-inspiring and soul-stirring performances by esteemed veena maestros. These virtuosos, recognized globally for their mastery of the instrument, will take center stage to showcase the sheer beauty and depth of the veena.

Transforming Experience

Immerse yourself in a transformative musical journey, expanding your horizons, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the veena’s timeless artistry. By this, Veena Tattva Prakashika aims to leave a lasting impact on participants, nurturing their love for the veena, deepening their musical understanding, and igniting their artistic pursuits.

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Explore the Facets of Veena

The conference aims to delve into the various dimensions of the divine instrument Veena. It seeks to uncover the deep-rooted essence of Veena music, its historical significance, and its relevance in the present day.

  • Musical Heritage
  • Cultural Relevance
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Historical Significance
  • Innovative Techniques
  • Melodic Beauties

Ignite Your Inner Light

Veena Nada Jyoti

Step into the radiant glow of Veena Nada Jyoti, where the luminous melodies of the Veena kindle the flames of your inner being. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that illuminates your path and ignites your spirit.

  • A Sacred Instrument of Sublime Beauty
  • Illuminating the Path to Transcendence
  • A Sacred Communion of Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Celebrating the Fusion of Music and Spirituality
  • Unlocking Your Inner Brilliance
  • Unveiling the Radiant Essence of Your Existence

Unveiling the Splendor of Veena: A Journey of

Musical Enlightenment

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Veena music at the Veena Tattva Prakashika conference, where every moment is filled with enriching experiences.

Renowned Veena Maestros

Experience the virtuosity and mastery of acclaimed Veena maestros from around the world as they showcase diverse styles and techniques, providing you with a unique opportunity to witness captivating performances.

Research & Academic Contribution

Engage with scholars and researchers as you explore a wide range of research papers and presentations on the musicology, evolution, and cultural impact of the Veena, delving deep into the scholarly aspects of this remarkable instrument.

Cultural Performances & Fusion Collaborations

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Veena as you enjoy captivating cultural performances that highlight its versatility in various music genres, and experience unique fusion collaborations that blend the Veena with various musical styles.

Concerts and Performances

Indulge in soul-stirring Veena concerts and performances by both renowned and emerging artists, and witness the magic of live performances that showcase the enchanting melodies and emotive expressions of the remarkable instrument.

Artistic Collaborations and Cross-Genre Explorations:

Immerse yourself in innovative artistic collaborations that seamlessly blend the Veena with other art forms, pushing the boundaries of Veena music and creating unique cross-genre explorations that inspire new artistic expressions.

Spiritual Retreats and Meditation Sessions

Immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of the Veena through meditation sessions and spiritual retreats, discovering its transformative power in fostering inner peace, mindfulness, and personal growth.


What is Veena Tattva Prakashika?
The Veena Conference is a prestigious gathering dedicated to the promotion, exploration, and celebration of the veena, a classical Indian musical instrument. It serves as a platform where veena enthusiasts, scholars, musicians, and experts from around the world come together to exchange knowledge, showcase talent, and deepen their understanding of the instrument. The conference typically features a range of activities like performances by renowned veena artists and scholarly presentations. Veena Conference acts as a catalyst for fostering connections within the veena community, nurturing the next generation of musicians, and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the Veena Conference contributes to the growth and development of the veena as an instrument and strengthens its position as a vital component of classical music traditions.
What can I expect at Veena Tattva Prakashika?
Veena Tattva Prakashika offers a diverse program that includes keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field of Veena and mesmerizing performances by accomplished Veena artists. The conference provides a platform for participants to gain knowledge and share insights about the same.
Is there a limit on the number of attendees for the conference?
There is no limit of the number of attendees for the conference. Everyone are welcome to attend the Conference.
Who can participate in Veena Tattva Prakashika?
Veena Tattva Prakashika welcomes experts, researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts from various disciplines who have an interest in the Veena and its multifaceted aspects. Whether you are an academic researcher, a practicing musician, or someone passionate about the Veena, you are encouraged to participate and contribute to the conference.
Can I attend Veena Tattva Prakashika as an audience member without submitting a contribution?
Absolutely! Even if you do not submit a research paper or proposal, you can still attend Veena Tattva Prakashika as an audience member. As an audience member, you will have the opportunity to listen to enlightening keynote speeches, participate in thought-provoking panel discussions, and enjoy the soul-stirring performances by accomplished Veena artists. It is a chance to immerse yourself in the world of Veena music and gain valuable insights.
Can I present my research even if it is not directly related to the Veena, but has connections to musicology or Indian classical music?
Not exactly. Veena Tattva Prakashika allows every research releated someway to the Instrument Veena. Veena Tattva Prakashika is dedicated to the betterment of the instrument Veena.


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